Netflix has a deep understanding of its userbase.


    Netflix has a deep understanding of its userbase.

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    "Note to self: every time you were convinced you couldn’t go on, you did."

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    i really, really like this.

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    My dear, darling, sweet cat Chicken passed away last night at 10.5 years old. It was sudden and unexpected and completely awful. I’m devastated and so are Paul and Monkey, her littermate and brother who has never been apart from her for more than a few hours. I adopted her from the shelter when she was 12 weeks old and we have been together ever since. I’m a complete wreck.

    All day people have asked me to tell them if they can help in some way, which is lovely and appreciated. Mostly I’m just sad and I’m trying to get as much of the sad out today as possible before I have to go to San Diego Comic-Con tomorrow.

    If you would like to feel like you have done something to make me feel better or just to express your sadness at the passing of an animal, you could always donate to an animal shelter. In fact, if you want to kill two birds with one stone (a tactic Chicken would whole-heartedly endorse), take comics you hate off your pull list and give some or all of that money to help animals and/or the rest to better comics that won’t make you sad. This will do cats like Chicken a lot of good and is way better than making me weepy on a convention floor (avoiding that really is for the good of everyone). And look at that photo! Chicken loved comics too. She was also partial to Game of Thrones. A true geek lady through and through.

    A suggestion for a place to start is one of my local charities:

    But of course you should donate however and wherever and any amount you like. This is just my suggestion since people have been asking. 


    Chicken was a really fantastic kitty, and her brother, Monkey and owner, Janelle welcome your support.  Check out the post above for ideas of how to help.

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    saying feminism is unnecessary because you don’t feel oppressed is like saying fire extinguishers are unnecessary because your house isn’t on fire

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    If you are ever sad, think of that one time Lwaxana had bubblegum pink hair or that glorious dress with the boob window or the gong that dang at her meals or her liking of mud baths or her yelling about peace at some…

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    Magikarp drawstring bag, it turned out so cute! It’d be a great cosplay accessory or dice bag!

    Crochet pattern available here and here

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    Manchester Orchestra // The Only One

    I am the only one that thinks I’m going crazy
    And I don’t know what to do

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    Well, I have said this in the past, so I hope i don’t bore you by repeating it, but I think that we live or die under the tyranny of perfection. Socially, we are pushed towards being perfect. Physically, beautiful to conform to standards that are cruel and uncommon, to behave and lead our lives in a certain way, to demonstrate to the world that we are happy and healthy and all full of sunshine. We are told to always smile and never sweat, by multiple commercials of shampoo or beer.

    And I feel that the most achievable goal of our lives is to have the freedom that imperfection gives us.

    And there is no better patron saint of imperfection than a monster.

    We will try really hard to be angels, but I think that a balanced, sane life is to accept the monstrosity in ourselves and others as part of what being human is. Imperfection, the acceptance of imperfection, leads to tolerance and liberates us from social models that I find horrible and oppressive.


    Guillermo del Toro, on why he has always been intrigued by monsters [x] (via radiophile)

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